A Liberal Arts Degree for the Data Age

The B.S. in Data Science (BSDS) will prepare students to serve in the public and private sectors across industries. Students will gain a strong foundation in core data science tools, methodologies and approaches, alongside a deep understanding of the ethical dimensions of data systems and solutions. The program will educate students in the four domains of data science, as defined by the School of Data Science: value, design, analytics, and systems.

Situated at the intersection of computer science, systems science, statistics, mathematics, and information science, data science is an interdisciplinary field that uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms, and systems to extract knowledge and insights from data. At the undergraduate level, data science education is focused on preparing students to formulate data questions; develop and maintain robust data pipelines; select and perform sound analyses; and correctly interpret and present their findings. 

Program benefits:

  • A cutting-edge, integrated curriculum that focuses on hands-on learning 
  • Faculty experts from across disciplines and departments 
  • Vibrant cohort experience fostering collaboration and network-building 
  • Connections with industry leaders and hiring companies 
  • University of Virginia network of 250K+ alumni worldwide 
  • Professional development opportunities

We're looking to craft a community of motivated scholars who:

  • Are passionate about collaboratively solving the world’s challenges using data science 
  • Desire to apply their intellectual curiosity around data science to a broad range of compelling contexts 
  • Are ready to engage with a rigorous STEM curriculum 
  • Recognize the value of diverse perspectives and strive to build and contribute to our inclusive community

I am a...

High School Student

Current high school students interested in pursuing a B.S. in Data Science at the University of Virginia should apply for first-year admission through the Office of Undergraduate Admission. Students then apply as internal transfer students to the major in the spring of their first year.

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First-Year UVA Student

First-year UVA students may apply to the B.S. in Data Science in their second semester, which is the spring of their first year. The two prerequisite courses, DS 1001: Foundations of Data Science and DS 1002: Programming for Data Science, must be completed or in progress at the time of application. Please refer to the Admissions page for more information about deadlines and the application process. 

Second-, Third-, or Fourth-Year UVA Student

Due to the three-year curriculum sequence, the B.S. in Data Science is not available to declare in a student's second-, third-, or fourth-year. Upper-level students interested in data science are invited to consider the undergraduate Minor in Data Science or one of our graduate programs.

Prospective Transfer Student

Students interested in transferring to the University of Virginia and learning about Data Science are invited to consider the undergraduate Minor in Data Science or one of our graduate programs. At this time, the undergraduate major does not admit transfer students. 

Counselor, Advisor, or Family Member of a Prospective Student

Counselors, advisors, and/or family members of current high school students should refer to the resources provided by the Office of Undergraduate Admission regarding first-year admission information. 

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If you have additional questions, check out the FAQs or connect with the School of Data Science admissions team.